Sunday, December 7, 2014

Plein air 2014 December 16th

Plein Air on Recreo  Tuesday Dec 9th at 1:30 pm
Here's a delightful scene on Recreo between Correo and Hospicio -Thought we could have some fun with this. It's right across the street from Solutions. You can zoom in or add more sky. Lots of approaches to play with. Use lots of texture, palette knife , or just do the blue house and door. The challenge will be in trying to capture the light and shadow colors. Let me know if you're coming. After last's weeks complicated Aldama scene, this will give us a bit of a break.We'll be painting in the afternoon so it should be ok temperature wise. There's Casa Cafe on the corner of Hospicio and Recreo, very handy for cafe and snacks and the all important use of facilities if needed. See you there. Donna
 And here's our paintings from last week. The ultimate challenge!
"Calle Aldama" oil 14" x 18" by Tom Dickson
"Aldama Afternoon" oil 12 x 16" by Donna Dickson  It was fun and challenging to do such a complicated scene.

Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 December 1st plein air on Aldama

Calle Aldama, for our first plein air of December! This is near the corner of Terraplen and Aldama. We'll be there at 2:30 pm to get set up. Lots of color and of course the quintessential scene of San Miguel. Should be warmer in the afternoon as well. Let me know if you're coming . There's a new cafe across the street from where we'll be for reinforcements.  Don't forget your camera view finder, paper towel etc. For those that can't make it Monday I will also be painting here on Tues. at the the same time.This week only.  D

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2014 Nov 25 Results from this mornings plein air and last week

Linda, moi y Kassie.  Linda was working in watercolor this morning, very challenging when the paint dries so quickly here.

Here's Kassie and I with our paintings of the Cuesta de San Jose Church in oils. It's a tranquil churchyard hardly a soul around.
" The Church, Cuesta de San Jose" oil 9 x 12"

" Corner of Aldama" oil 9 x 12" this is from last Tuesday. It's been fun painting with Linda and Kassie.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 Nov 25th Tues plein air coming up

Here's where we'll be painting Tues. morning around 9:30am Nov. 25/ 2014      I was fooling around in Photoshop filters with this image. Looks pretty cool.
This church is looking good in it's new colors . The old Cuesta church color was a decidedly blah pink. Still we did paint the odd rendition of it and it turned out okay. It's a nice quiet spot to paint. Wear layers as we won't know what kind of weather we'll get at this time of year. No washrooms near by so don't go overboard with too much cafe before leaving. Maybe try chocolate instead of liquid to get you're energy up!  See you on location .Donna
 Directions straight up Cuesta de San Jose from Nunez and keep on Cuesta . You'll note Calle Montitlan going off on your left , don't turn just keep straight ahead up hill and it's just about 1/2 block more on your right. Any questions e mail me.

Monday, November 17, 2014

2014 Nov 17 th Tues plein air

Plein air Tuesday morning we're meeting at the Parque Juarez corner where Aldama and Tenerias meet at 9:15 am. 
 Weather permitting of course. The forecast is calling for partly cloudy high of  23C  -   73 F  so not too bad as long as it comes up quickly from overnight from around 7 or 8 C or about 45F
Should be a fun location. I'll post pics from the area next post. See you there Donna

Beach umbrellas from our trip to Guayabitos last week

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November plein air Tues Nov 4th 9:15 am Calle Aparicio

Calle Aparicio
Alley way off Tecolote  great shadows
We'll meet at 9:15 Tuesday at the entrance to Aparicio at Nunez There's lots of options in the area. Dress warmly it's been cool in the early morning. Let me know if you're coming .  Donna
Alleyway with a church top view

Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 October plein air In the Jardin

In the studio this week Juliana has just turned 6.  Here she's drying her acrylic painting.

Tues Oct 7 -  9 :30 am . We'll be meeting to paint en plein air in the Jardin near the bandstand. From there we will select our quarry. Don't forget your camera, for reference photos, hat , dress in layers, view finder, brushes, thinner, paint and equipment and paper towel, Coffee and tea are easily at hand around the Jardin.

Lots of parades this week end .  Lots of color in celebration of San Miguel de Allende's birthday
Blessing of the horses on Saturday. 100's of horses all around the Jardin.This photo is from the gallery balcony, always at the center of things Hopefully all the week end activities will be over for a tranquil plein air.
So Tues at 9:30 am Oct 7th weather permitting! If in doubt send me a quick  email early, about 8:30. Or we can just paint from inside our courtyard. Fingers crossed for good weather. Donna