Monday, March 2, 2015

2015 March 2nd The washstands at El Chorro 9:30

What a great week of plein air painting, and a wonderful group of painters, eager to improve their plein air skills.
La Valentina just off the Jardin 8" x 10" oil. I put a few touches on this one yesterday. I had many "starts" from this week. The weather was superb , sunny every day. Some windy ones but not too bad. I'll post a few pics from the workshop.
Martina, Lynn and Emily in the Jardin Day 5, we were joined in the Jardin with another workshop group lead by Ann Blair Brown, Frank Gardener and Thomas Kitts,  33 students and 6 teachers ....plein air central!
Up at Cruz del Pueblo, some of our group spread out here, David,Liz , & our assistant painter Heather in green hat, Irma, and Lynn, Emily  and Martina below.
In the jardin, our sun lovers Elena, and Ian doing some great drawing and watercolor.

El Chorro washstands, We'll meet here Tues at 9:30 am Our sunshine seems to be holding!
The wash stands are at the bottom end of Recreo , almost at entrance to Juarez Park. Bring a hat , camera,  snacks, coffee or water, view finder etc. This will be fun. See you there. Donna

Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 Tues. Feb 17 Plein air in the Jardin

Al Lado del Jardin by Tom Dickson west side of Jardin SOLD
This is the west side of the Jardin, which is where we will be meeting on Tues afternoon at 2 pm We can locate by the arches either under them or near them. We'll scout around but that's the general location .. weather permitting , the forecast is partly cloudy. Hopefully it will change to sunny by then. Really overcast we won't bother, it will be too dull. Hope to see y'all on Tuesday. This will be the last plein air for this month as we will be doing our plein air workshop the following week. Back on schedule 3rd of March.
Here's a view from last week on Chiquitos late afternoon

Donna, Pat, Heather and (Mary hidden) behind Heather on Chiquitos last week

Patti, Donna and further down the street Nancy and Al on Chiquitos. We had a great group, and great weather.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

2015 Feb 10th plein air on Chiquitos 2pm

One of the house fronts on sunny Chiquitos!

Unusual rain spouts on Chiquitos
Late light on Chiquitos looking towards Hospicio
So we'll meet Tues at 2pm on Chiquitos Feb. 10th.   It's a narrow street but no too much traffic. let me know if you're coming. Thanks  Chiquitos is up one street from Recreo running between Correo and Hospicio , only 1 block long Thus the name Chico!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 FEB. 3rd 1:30 pm. Calle Garita above Barranca fountain

On calle Garita looking towards the Fountain at Hospicio and Barranca
 UPDATE NOTE  It looks "iffy" for today, mostly cloudy.  :( :(
We'll wait and see but Thursday is supposed to be clear, maybe a morning scene on Thurs as an alternative. I've got classes in the afternoon but morning free. Let me know if you're interested.
This will be a bit of a challenge but an intriguing vista.There are a few spots along this street that look great so we'll be able to spread out along the calle. Maybe next week we'll hit Juarez park and the Candelaria flower displays. So we'll meet here this Tues Feb. 3rd at  1:30 pm (that's when I took this photo, walking down to the gallery.) We'll have to quickly lay in the lights and darks. Bring your camera, view finder etc. 
*special note about this location in centro Garita starts out as Cuadrante (by the restaurant "10/ 10 Pie" and going uphill, turning into Hospicio, then when it jogs at the  Barranca  fountain it continues uphill becomes  Calle Garita. Very easy to see when you look at a map of San Miguel. Garita runs between Barranca and Salida a Queretero  Donna

We did paint  with Nancy and Wyllis Heaton and here's Tom's plein air from way down the hill at the fountain
"SUNGLEAM" oil on panel 10" x 10" by Tom Dickson.
Donna and Wyllis Heaton on location

Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 Jan. 27th plein air.....and The Oratorio then and Now

Seems like another round at the plaza will be fun. We noticed last week that the light just got better and better as we painted, so we'll meet in the plaza at 3 pm. We'll be in the area near the fountain or there about.  If you don't see us there just spell around you'll find us, either Tom or myself . Maybe in front of the churches. There are a lot of possibilities, shade and benches to paint from. If you're definitely coming let me know so I will watch for you.  Sun hat, view finder , all your supplies? See you soon. I'll post photos later.....Donna
 We probably won't be painting the church but just wanted to show everyone what it used to look like in this part of the Plaza Civica.

From Insurgentes heading towards the Plaza Civica This is from about 2008 before they painted the  Oratorio in ORANGE, YELLOW an RED! What were they thinking??

This is the Oratorio Church from the Plaza Civica. Pre- 2009,  pre- paint job.
And here it is now!  I like color but.....not really fond of this version. :( !!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Painting in the Plaza Civica Tuesday at 2pm January 20th

El Oratorio Church in the Plaza Civica a colorful building to paint but we will probably just wander around the plaza and look at subjects from various perspectives. Let's meet by the Fountain at 2 pm Tuesday for a great plein air session. Weather is predicted to be sunny. Let's hope so, last week was very cloudy and too dull for painting. let me know if you will be coming. Donna

Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 Plein air this week Jan. 13th 2 pm.near the San Antonio Church

Okay for this week we'll meet in front of the San Antonio Church. We'll be scouting out sites from there. Meeting  at 2 pm  weather permitting. Forecast is for sun and it should warm up by the afternoon. Let me know if you're coming as we will be wandering away from the plaza a bit. Don't forget your camera and view finders etc. See you Tues. Donna

"Sunny Walkway" 9 x 12" oil on panel -Here's my oil from last week at Cruz del Pueblo Just linda and I peaceful place to paint.

The San Antonio Church in San Miguel