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Galeria Dickson
Andador de Artesanias (just off the main street, Guayabitos)
Rincon de Guayabitos, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Galeria San Francisco
#1 calle San Francisco, San Miguel de Allende, GTO., Mexico

tel: (cell) 044 415 100 8898

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Leaving Riviera Nayarit soon

The summer schedule is posted but I will repeat it below. We are reluctantly leaving our Paradise on the beach, but the days are getting hotter and the humidity is climbing. Last night in the wee hours it was 80F plus and 100% humidity or for those in the Celsius crowd 27 degrees! Soo... it will be much cooler in San Miguel and we look forward to our new temporary home in San Miguel. I'll post some of our recent paintings soon.
 SUMMER ART  Classes  JUNE 8TH watercolors 9:30 to 12:30 pm
                                           JUNE 9TH oils or acrylics 9:30 to 12:30 pm
                                           JUNE 10TH - plein air this week we will meet in the Jardin at 9:30 - so bring your supplies and easel with you. Don't forget sunhat and camera for reference photos.
Indoor classes will be held in the studio of Galeria San Francisco on the second floor at my former gallery #1 San Francisco across from Intercam. see you all soon. Donna

Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 May 4th Greetings from the beach at Rincon de Guayabitos

Vendors on the beach. Afternoon at Rincon de Guayabitos
Hope everyone is enjoying lots of great painting weather. It is superb here and we are seeing so many things to paint! We have just the month of May in Guayabitos and then we will be in sunny San Miguel once more for the summer.
Here's  the summer  schedule for classes in June in San Miguel : same location as before (#1 San Francisco)

but now in the new joint art space,  called "Galeria San Francisco" here's a link to the site 
Classes are starting  Monday June 8th, 9th and 10th and will continue through to September 
Monday watercolors -9:30 til 12:30 pm
Tuesday oils and acrylics -9:30 til 12:30 pm
Wednesday plein air in any medium 9:30 to 12:30pm  location will be announced each week on this blog and of course weather permitting.
Prices for classes have gone up now that I am renting the teaching space from Galeria San Francisco , but still reasonable.
  Here's a sunset sky to inspire.

Gold and pink sunset. This would be fun to paint.

 Let me know if you're in my neighborhood in May at the beach. I have a new space rented for teaching in Guayabitos  -  regular classes start in the fall. But if you're here let me know and we can paint together.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Farewell party at the Gallery March 28 2015

The Final party for all my great students at Galeria Dickson. We had a wonderful wrap up party and lots of laughs. Kind of sad but a new adventure for everyone. All are invited to come look me up at the beach "Rincon de Guayabitos" in Nayarit . I will be offering classes there and workshops - (during the cool San Miguel winter) it will be nice and warm at the beach. Swimming in the ocean and art classes what could be better! Guayabitos is 1 hour north of Puerto Vallarta by bus. There are flight from Leon and Queretero to PV.  I will post more about the classes once we get things set up at Guayabitos. -In the meantime I will be back in San Miguel for the wonderful summer, June July and August for classes in oils , acrylics and watercolors. My new website

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Galeria Dickson closing but also transforming!

Jacaranda in the Plazuela  8" x 10" oil from our last session on Tuesday. Mar 24th
Galeria Dickson will be closing with a Farewell party on Saturday March 28th for all my wonderful students. Big changes happening. Galeria Dickson will be incorporated into Galeria San Francisco. Both galleries will be become one large gallery under the ownership of Susan Santiago in her Galeria San Francisco representing several other artists plus ourselves.
 Tom and I will be heading for RINCON DE GUAYABITOS  shortly.  GUAYABITOS it's about 1 hours drive north of Puerto Vallarta. A beautiful friendly beach community nestled beside La Penita. in Jaltemba Bay..
Look for regular art classes and workshops being held there in the future. Remember it's warm all winter!
Check out my new web site for further details.
We'll be in San Miguel painting from June to September. Adios everyone it's been a great year . Saludos Donna

Monday, March 23, 2015

Last plein air til summer Tues March 24th - 9:30 am

   Jacaranda 10"x 8"  oil on panel
This is the painting I did last week on our Tuesday in Guadalupe . Linda , Nancy,  John and I enjoyed a perfect morning after all the rain and cloud from last week.
This week we'll be meeting at the little plaza on Insurgentes between Hidalgo and Hernandez Macias. There's little juice stands set up and it's a quiet spot off the street behind the kiosks. Also if all goes well the Jacaranda back there should be in bloom. I don't have a photo that I can lay my hands on but you'll be able to find it easily. Weather forecast is clear with a high of 26 C so all should be fun.

This is the location between Hidalgo and Hernandez Macias.on Insurgentes. It's called Plazuela de San Jose something like that. But just look for the juice stands. See you there at 9:30 am. Bring a  sun hat and camera!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

It's a go!! Hoping fog will lift ! Jacaranda 2 March 17th at 9:30am

Jacaranda in Guadalupe a colonia or neighborhood of San Miguel

A great scene on  Calle Colegio Militar
Weather permitting and lately that has been a big question mark...We'll try to tackle some Jacaranda in Guadalupe.  We'll meet on Colegio Militar just up the street from Margarita Ledesma the street that El Pato is on. There are some nice scenes. Here's some photos to inspire you on this very wet rainy Sunday. I will post if it's cancelled, but there looks like a possibility the weather is improving by Tuesday. Look for this on Colegio Militar.  Let me know if you're planning to attend call 154 4291 if weather is uncertain. Donna

X marks the area we'll be painting P is for El Pato art supplies on Margarita Ledesma, Just off Calzada de Aurora which goes to the Fabrica De La Aurora   9:30 am Tues Mar 17th 2015

Sunday, March 8, 2015

" Jacaranda " CANCELLED too cloudy!! Tues. March 10, 9:30 am

It's Jacaranda Time ...a chance to break out your lavander colors! Not my photo sorry I think Dawn  Gaskill took this lovely one.
Red purple or blue purple in the Jacaranda ?? Depends on the time of day.Usually more red in the morning.  We'll be meeting weather permitting at 9:30 am in San Antonio.....Prolongacion de Pila Seca  see MAP attached. I've had my trusty scout Heather checking out our next scene.
A close up of area.
X marks the spot If you get in the area  of Prolongacion de Pila Seca near Vergel , you'll find us.

Forecast is for possible thunder showers but we'll have a look see come Tuesday. If you're coming shoot me an email.  
Look for this tree , gracias to Heather Collins.
Looks like a no go this morning! :( mas rain & cloud....
Stay tuned for next week we may pick a different site. D