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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Colors and how do you say them ?? April 7 2013

Vermillion Flycatcher ?
I love Pthalocyanine Blue and Green but how do you say it aside from dropping the "P"?? Is that thalo like halo or thalo like shallow??
Quinacridone ?? The "quins"  red or purple, gold, vibrant and transparent. Say it like "Cads" in short form and don't bother with the rest?
Lets not forget Aureolin Yellow, my favorite yellow. Como se dice en ingles?? Like Oreos ??
" Ore.o.len ?  Very few people can get that one ! Maybe Dafodil "daffy" yellow?
Alizarin red how about crimson? Lets keep it simple. Or how about Lizard Red 'cept lizards aren't red!
No problem as I've always liked Purple Finches and they are not purple but a colorful name all the same. Medium red and mousey brown Finch is not too exciting I'll be the first to admit.
Vermillion flycatchers are great but they are more like Cad. red medium. Brilliant against dull cactus greens. Vermillion is definitely catchier, for a flycatcher!  Scarlet Runners , yes the flowers are a gorgeous scarlet!
So in the end my friends I guess it's a bit like you say "toe.mate. oh" and I say " toe. matt. oh!
Or in Mexico it's "Jitomate" (hee toe mat eh)!
Have fun painting with all your wonderful colors , squeeze them out and don't try to pronounce them... adios Donna

  Plein air Monday April 8th - 9:15 ish ....on Aldama near the corner with Cuadrante. We'll take the shady side of street as it's getting hot these days.  It's better from the middle of the road if we could just block off the street! Remember it's a narrow street so don't bring the kitchen sink. Donna
Scarlet runner flowers

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