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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Some new oils for spring in San Miguel April 14th 2013

"Sollano en la Manana " 9 x 12" oil plein air DonnaDickson
This was done on a Monday morning a couple of weeks back. If you follow Tom's blog (there's a link on my home page "Alot about Light" ) You'll note the car wash guy standing behind me rated mine a 10! Tom got a 9.....very funny. I wonder if it had anything to my being 'mujer" with blond hair and blue eyes! Do ya think?? I was sorry he didn't have more cars to wash that morning, as I really didn't need him looking over my shoulder - did my best to block him out.
Jacaranda in Spring Col. Guadalupe. 9 x 12"  oil  plein air Donna Dickson.

Did this one a few weeks back just as the Jacaranda were beginning to fill out. This was done near the art store called El Pato ( the duck??) where most of the artists in town buy their art supplies. Lots of color here.
"Resting awhile" 20 x 24 " oil /canvas Donna Dickson
Finally finished with my lady on the corner. As I got too busy with teaching I had to put her a side for a bit. I was pretty much happy with the painting in the end. I added a few things like the bolsa bag of flowers that she "could" have been carrying and a few other details like changing shadows to bring it all together.

 And for Plein air this Monday April 15 th 3pm. We're going to make it an afternoon scene as that's when the light is best at this location. We'll meet at the corner of Cardo and Prolongacion de Aldama. Some interesting scenes in the area so hope you don't mind the afternoon time slot. I tried to post last evening but the gremlins were playing too many tricks with my computer.
Bring water and sunhat but we'll be in the shade for sure. Happy painting folks! 

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