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Galeria San Francisco
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Watercolors vs .Oils new work.

Yvonne showing her masterpiece plein air, Pat, Marina and Raisa  Sept 1st 2010

'Early Morning Cuna de Allende 'oil on panel  8 x 8in Donna Dickson

'Morning Cuna de Allende '11 x 15 in w.c. Donna Dickson

'Along Ancha de San Antonio' 11 x 15 in w.c. Donna Dickson

'Afternoon Shadows on Canal '11 x 15in. w.c. Donna Dickson

I've had a busy week doing watercolors, and oils .So much to paint. My plein air group had a fantastic sunny morning on one of the oldest streets in San Miguel . The shadows were interesting but a challenge to capture quickly before they changed. I usually advise doing a quick black and white value sketch to pin down the lights and darks. My watercolor from that morning is called "Morning Cuna de Allende"  featured here above. The next day we did the same scene in oils called "Early morning Cuna de Allende" . You can choose which one you prefer! adios for now Donna.