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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Plein air Aug.20th 2012 9:00 am Plaza Civica

The Oratorio Church from Plaza Civica

 We'll be meeting for plein air roughly near the Oratorio Church or in the Plaza Civica in front of the Church near the fountain. Just look around when you arrive and you'll find us setting up or hunting for scenes.
This will be weather permitting. We have had so much rain and or cloud it's hard to say what the weather might be like.I'm hoping we can get out for my last painting session before I leave for B.C.
So 9:00 am Monday Aug 20th bring your sketch pad for doing a preliminary quick thumbnail sketch ( small)
Bring a  view finder?? What's that?  Something small maybe 3" x 4" or 4" x 6" like a small frame for selecting your scene. I usually have extras of these if you don't have one.You want one that is roughly the same shape (ratio) as the canvas or panel you will be painting on. Eg. - If my panel is 9" x 12" then I can have a view finder with a 3" x 4" window cut out of it. Just thin cardboard works fine, - from cereal boxes or whatever. Don't forget your camera for reference photos. Hat , water, snack, etc. Go light, put out your paints on your pallette  ahead of time if your equipment allows for that. See you there.

Reminder : Next studio class Aug.30th 10am - for oils. Aug 31st - for w.c.s 10 am til 1pm

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No classes after this week til the end of Aug 2012

Sorry folks ...I'm very saddened  to report that my Mom, Florence Newall , passed away this week end in N.Vancouver. Aug 11th 2012.
 I'll be flying to Vanc. on the 20th Aug. and won't be back til the 29th. I hope this won't be too inconvenient for everyone. I know some of you will be leaving soon. Sorry to miss your last classes. Tom will try to fill in where he can.
Tom and I will be able to do the Monday morning  plein air  9:00 am ( weather permitting) as I'm leaving that evening. My Mom was almost 86 and went very quickly so we're grateful for that. She'll be missed by friends and family across Canada.
Mom and I in Aug 2009 on Van. Is. B.C.

Dear old Mom's favourite colour green!! Must of been the Irish heritage.

 Mon. Aug 20th 9:00 am  plein air location to be announced soon.
 I  will resume classes on Thurs Aug.30th  for-  oils 10 til 1pm and
  Fri.Aug 31st  10am to 1pm for watercolors for this week only.
Please  send me an e mail  if you plan to attend.
Regular schedule the following week. Sept 5th -Wed 10 til 1pm watercolors/ or water based medium.
Sept 6th -Thurs, 10 til 1pm. oils/ or acrylics

Friday, August 10, 2012

Monday, Aug 13 th 2:30 pm...plein air CANCELLED

HERE'S CHET AND YVONNE  painting last week at San Juan de Dios Church.
  And now for something different. We are going to do an afternoon scene for a change. At the corner of Calle Nuevo where it runs into Juarez Parque.(Aldama) Tom assures me, there is a great scene just waiting to be painted. So we'll have to take his word on this. ....Arrive at 2:30pm .. and there is shade. Get your gear together and we'll see you soon. Aug 13 at 2:30 pm. Calle Nuevo at Aldama
Last week at San Juan de Dios was fun. We were surprised to be accompanied by some Federales who were very bored supposedly guarding the area for Mexican  Pres. Calderone"s wife who was visiting San Miguel. Having nothing better to do the guys  came over to watch us paint! Definitely a different experience having an AK47 by ones side as you paint!! They were pretty young and curious.
I'll try to post some photos this week end. DD

Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Plein Air San Juan de Dios Aug 8/12 9:00am

 Monday morning  at 9:00 we'll be meeting in the San Juan de Dios churchyard, just cross the street from Warren Hardy's Spanish School . If you cross Quebrada Bridge go north then turn left at the first street Callejon Blanco , (a great street to paint) and it takes you right down to SJ de Dios.We'll have a look around the area and see what we can find. The forecast is calling  for good weather but if it looks iffy at all we won't go. It's been awhile since we painted this area and  we're looking forward to it. Don't forget to bring sunhats, drinking water, a snack, painting equipment etc. brushes, garbage bag, clean up baby wipes.....all the good stuff. I don't recall seeing a coffee shop in the area so bring your own or fuel up before hand!  See y'all soon.. Donna

From Quebrada Bridge  looking up Canal  on the way to San Juan de Dios Church
I painted this last year in watercolors at SJ de Dios this time I'll be working in oils.