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Monday, February 28, 2011

POZOS TRIP March 2nd 2011

Out in the mining area.

In town, view of Pozos

The plein air trip to Pozos on Wednesday is full. We'll have a busy morning painting out in the mines and ruins area, doing on location sketches. Lunch will be at 2 at the Hotel Posada de las Minas in the downtown area of Pozos.A restored former residence from the end of the 18th century.
We will be eaving from #79 Sollano near Juarez Park at 8am. Should be a memorable experience.Donna

Monday, February 21, 2011

No Plein air this Sunday Feb 27th

Due to the mid- week trip planned for next week ,we will not  be meeting on Sunday this week only. I need to get organized for this trip .Looking forward to our all day of painting! Donna
Sun painters at work

With a little help from friends.
Here are some pics from Sunday in front of he Oratorio. A great warm afternoon!

Plein air at Pozos Wednesday, March 2nd 2011

Pozos  was declared a National Historic Treasure in 1982

 Wed. March 2, 2011
Leaving San Miguel 8AM (Sharp!)  about 1 hour drive north of San Miguel.Returning mid to late afternoon.
$85 U.S. or 1000 pesos 1) INCLUDES TRANSPORTATION to and from POZOS. Leaving from the  home of Tom Lips on Sollano #79  near Juarez Park.AT 8 AM . We have a driver  Francisco Correa,who knows the area and has a Suburban which will take 7 people. i can take 3 in our car.
**PLEASE BE ON TIME as we want to get to the location as early as possible
2)PLEIN AIR PAINTING INSTRUCTION BY professional artist DONNA DICKSON ,Open to Watercolors, Oils, Acrylics, or Pastels.
3) Morning SNACKS and refreshments are included.
Bring your outdoor Painting equipment,including camera ,folding stool,hat, sunscreen,and water.
  FOR THOSE NEW TO PLEIN AIR PAINTING. KEEP IT SIMPLE AND LIGHT. Don't bring every tube of color and brush you own. Just bring what you'll need for the day. be prepared to do a least 1 or 2 paintings.
4)After painting we will have LUNCH(included) at the Hotel de Minas  in Pozos before returning to San Miguel.

 If you need any further information or advice please call 154 4291 or e mail Donna at  or see
Register now as it will fill up fast. Minimum 6.
You must register and drop off deposit by Feb 26th 2011. You can reserve your name by email but drop off payment at Pila Seca #1 at Hernandez Macias, in the inner courtyard, "Dicksons Studio". Open 11 am to 5pm daily or, on teaching days 9:30 to 5pm.

At it's height in the 19th C., Pozos had 70,000 to 80,000 residents!
Hope you can join us ! Donna Dickson

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PLEIN AIR Location Sunday, Feb 20th 2011 2pm.

We'll be meeting in front of the Oratorio Church at 2pm.That's the brightly painted church by the plaza civica. Bring sun hats and a stool if you're sitting to paint. If you need to borrow one come by the studio Saturday. We'll be choosing our scene  when get there, walking around , observing and looking at potential secnes. We'll see how busy it is in the plaza. Should be lots to choose from. See you there. Donna

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pics from Sun.'s plein air Next one Feb 20 2011 in front of the Oratorio Church

A big group today , with lots of room to spread out.

Here is one view from our  painting site on Calle Montitlan. a perfect afternoon and a great challenge to paint. Everyone did well ,inspired by the vista.! Next week we'll meet if front of the Oratorio church Sunday afternoon at 2pm.I'll post a map later but it is the red and orange and yellow church just off the Plaza Civica on Calle  Insurgente. It's a good location for a variety of scenes. Watch for my next post about a field trip plein air excursion to Pozos, March 2nd. Intersted??  more later Donna

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Plein Air Location Sunday Feb 13th 2011 2 pm to 5pm

Sundays location for plein air this week will be in Colonia Balcones, on Calle Montitlan above centro, just off Calle Cuesta de San Jose. Turn left on to Montitlan, at the religious alter  and Condominiums San Jose de La Cruz at the corner of Cuesta and Montitlan. Go up Montitlan 1 block to the first street and we will meet at that corner. It's a bit of an uphill walk but vale la pena!  Once you turn around and look at the view you will see why.  If you have any problems finding this location just call me at 154 4291 for more instructions. See you at 2pm  Donna

From Sunday 's plein air, Flowers, People and a Brass Band!

With everyone concentrating maybe we'll get it right! The kids are great.
Deborah's posted these on her blog ,as well as some great photos of San Miguel.  You can check her photos here at her blog' Near and Far.' Deborah Ehrens...... http//

A visitor to the Calendaria on Sunday, Deborah Ehrens kindly sent these photos along . I am  consulting with Lynn a student ,with a little help from our friends.

Just one of hundreds of flowers on display.

Some of the local people seeking the shade.

The Brass Band struck up and we were bombarded by sound. Unfortunately a little too close for comfort! Melinda's in the foreground trying to ignore the sound. We soon moved off to El Chorro to a peaceful spot by the washstands. Donna

Painting around and in San Miguel this week.

From San Luis Rey a Saturday market scene. The light really struck me when I first spotted this scene. The goal was to keep it simplified with the big shadow shapes and basic colors before adding the complicated details of the clothing and sale items. I've been very busy this week with new students and friends from last winter returning . Classes are full , but ebb and flow as visitors and students to San Miguel end their stay while new folks are just arriving..
In my oils and acrylics class this week we worked on this colorful storefront ,a stationery store 'El Iris" meaning " the  Rainbow'  Indeed a  rainbow of color with those lilac pink awnings and yellow walls. Donna.