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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Plein air FEb. 25th San Miguel Workshop 2013

A recent outing at San Miguel Viejo.
Margah and I at San Miguel Viejo, and  Bill caught in the sun
Tomorrow, Monday , Feb 25th  we meet at the gallery at 4pm for a wine and cheese get together and get acquainted party. We'll be outlining the plans for the upcoming week of plein air painting. Let the fun begin!!
From the 2012 workshop last February, we'll soon be updating with this years group.
 Remember new class hours in the studio in March. Go to previous post for details. hasta luego Donna

Monday, February 18, 2013

New class hours for March 2013

The gallery building at Relox / San Francisco Corner

Just a note to let everyone know of the time changes for classes in the studio and plein air for March
The last week of February I will be outside the studio doing a plein air workshop from Feb 25th to March 2nd.
Starting Monday March 4th with plein air it will be at 9:30 til 12:30pm  any medium.
            Tuesday  March   5th -  watercolors  afternoon - 1pm to 4pm
             Wed.      March  6th  -   watercolors        10 til 1 pm
             Thurs.    Mar 7th ...oils / acrylics  -    10 til 1 pm
             Friday     Mar. 8th  oils/  acrylics   -    10 til 1pm
You can let me know which days you would prefer. These hours will continue til the snowbirds begin to leave and class sizes are smaller.

Narrow streets in San Miguel

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Plein air Mon. and Tues. 4 classes Feb 18th & 19th 2013

One view from Cruz del Pueblo overlooking the city,  (there are lots of options here.)

Cruz del Pueblo.Mon Feb 18th. First up -  We will begin at 9:00 am. For those not knowing where Cruz is, - meet me at 8:45 am at the gallery entrance at #1 San Francisco and we'll go to the site by taxi.Otherwise you can  meet at the  location This is a quiet spot as there is no traffic access.  Bring a hat, sunscreen, water, a snack, art stuff, view finder? and camera.
We will paint until noon then take a break for 2 hours to rest and eat lunch.
 Just a note: there are no really close washrooms on this calle ,so don't over do it on the coffee on this morning. There is an artist living on this street that allows us to use his premises but we won't be sure that he is home. There is a restaurant down the hill so no panic.Only that, what goes down must come up!
 Afternoon At 2pm we will meet in the Jardin near the bandstand in the center. We'll paint for the afternoon til about 5pm.We'll get to experience the local San Miguel scene, with venders , music and all.

A view towards the San Antonio Church
 Feb 19th San Antonio
Second morning we will meet at the plaza in San Antonio, just take a taxi from near your hotel or from the Jardin.  It's a very well known location. This time meeting there at 9:00 am. There are many options for painting here and we'll point out some of the various views. Like yesterday we'll paint for the morning and break at noon for 2 hours. There are several restaurants in San Antonio, near by that you may like to try. La Frontera is quite popular on Sterling Dickensen ,within walking distance as well as a Food Cart with outdoor seating.

In the Afternoon  at 2 pm meet in the Jardin at the corner near the red arches where Umaran descends from the Jardin. This will be our last class and we'll hope to have some memorable paintings to share by the end of our 2 days.We may need a cold drink to celebrate at 10 10 Pie afterwards! Happy painting and happy week end everyone Donna

Sunday, February 10, 2013

MORE paintings from February 2013

Frutas y Verduras  oil  8" x 10"
A sunny fruit stand in Comonfort watercolor 11" x 15" I had fun playing with this idea in both mediums, in the end going for a more whimsical approach in oils.
Going out to San Miguel Viejo today for more plein air. Looks windy we'll see what we can do. Donna

Saturday, February 9, 2013

New watercolors and oils from January / February 2013

Calle Tenerias watercolor 9.5 x 14"
On Cuadrante  watercolor 10" x 12"
  Shadows Salida de Queretero watercolor  9.5 x 12"
At  Correo and  Sollano watercolor 15" x 11"   These are some of my recent watercolors. The computer gremlins are messing things up so I'll publish what I 've got on so far. Most of my plein air group has been working in watercolors so only 1 oil lately and I'll put on next... adios   Donna

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Plein air postings for the next  2 Mondays

This is the corner of the Jardin where we'll be meeting.
  We're meeting at 1:30pm  **** Note change of time .....  Monday Feb 4th  2013 . The location we'll be meeting at is the Correo corner of the Jardin in front of the place with the columns that sells Pizza. We'll be doing a scene looking up Correo. Don't forget your camera, hat, snacks and your painting stuff. 
Next week:
 Feb. 11th   again at 1:30pm  Plein air Right across the Jardin at the Umaran Corner Where the statue of Allende is on the corner , right across from the restaurant with the red arches.( as opposed to the Golden arches ! ) Apparently Mcdonlds is trying to set up on Canal, but getting some stiff opposition.
If you're looking at the photo above you're seeing the Umaran corner in the distance.
Have a good week end ..... Donna