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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2013 JUNE art classes in tte studio

 Some of  my summer students at work in the studio this morning. Anya, Kathy and Emma. A very diverse group from abstract to traditional.
Here's Emma our young student's version of a Panamanian "Mola" She had fun with this one.Great color selection. This is Emma's 3rd summer visit for art classes with me. And coming up next week, San Miguel is again launching a First Fri. of the month Art Walk. It will begin on July 5th 4 to 9pm. Hope you can come by for a snack or refreshment and see what we've been doing.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Patzcuaro Market scene watercolour

Busy Market -Patzcuaro watercolor 12"  x 16"
                         I hope to do a bunch of these from our trip. So much fun. I haven't worked in   watercolor for a month so I was pleased I remembered a bit. I didn't want to get into a  lot of picky details just loose, with lots of runs.

                            And as promised some hot surfin' dudes
View from our Hotel window in might note the lack of screen. We were assured there were no mosquitos! Sure ! Lol. Temp about 98F humidity about 95%...There was a ceiling fan. :)
 This guy was a great surfer. He made it look so easy.
Just about to go down.
Beach side scene Sayulita
                         hasta luego  Donna  Don't forget classes start again next week.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013 June Travels Adventures and summer Classes

I've been away travelling in parts of 
Mexcio, and seeing Patzcuaro again after an absence of 26 years! It's a beautiful city and one that needs to be painted en plein air! 
Colorful corner of the Market in Patzcuaro

Approaching Janitzio Is. on Lake Patzcuaro The fisherman put on quite a display with their butterfly nets, we thought they were actually fishing! Lol. But alas you can see them here approaching the boat for a different kind of fish!
Fellow passengers- the musicians and an Island resident. This woman and her family still spoke their Purpepecha language. As for the music, hmmm.. the drums were a bit heavy handed but the guitarist /singer was pretty good.They certainly had a captive audience!
Fellow passengers and musicians on the return trip to Patzcuaro.
Street snacks Patzcuaro
One of many great churches to paint in Patzcuaro

Caminando-  walking in town

Summer classes in June 2013

watercolors Wed. Jun 19th 10 am to 1 pm

Oils and Acrylics Fri. Jun 21st 10 am to 1 pm

All are welcome to join me in summer classes every week. I've got some wonderful new photos to work from and if you wish to do some plein air painting in San Miguel let me know.We may go out on Monday am.

It would be terrific to do a plein air painting trip to Patzcuaro, if you've never been it's a must see. Perhaps a late fall plein air trip ?? At that time the weather would be perfect. Let me know if you're interested in the idea. Happy painting meanwhile where ever you are spending this lovely summer. Donna