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Monday, November 19, 2012

A perfect day of plein air painting at Old San Miguel

San Miguel Viejo Church and corn stooks

San Miguel Viejo Church from afar

Wandering on his own

Last row of corn to chop

Mothers love!
Some days you get really lucky and this was one of those. Sunday  afternoon was perfect, sunny  with very little wind, perfect temperature, beautiful subject matter....this is why you get addicted to plein air painting. You just have to be there! A magical day!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

An artisan friend Renato Pacheco in San Miguel

Okay one of Renatos jokes a fireplace insert! Renato is an artist and artisan living in San Miguel.  When we first met Renato back in 1987, he was a plein air artist in San Miguel and we used to paint together in centro. We were the only ones around painting on the streets at that time. That winter a guy down the street from us "Tony Cohan"  was writing his classic book "On Mexican Time"! He really captured the flavor and feel of Mexico. A must read!

And here's mi amigo Renato with the whole candelabra he had hidden in the fireplace. One of many jokes he likes to play. You can put candles in the circular discs at the top of the arms. He's a great artisan and can custom make you anything from wooden decorated boxes, chests ,tables, wooden screens, decorative painting on your walls etc. His popular work is found in many shops in San Miguel. We will be painting back at San Miguel Viejo Sun. afternoon at 1pm. Meeting across the street from the Post office in front of Cumpanio Restaurant and Bakery! Hard to pass up those scones while you're waiting Verdad?   

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Plein Air NOV. 18 th Sunday 1pm

We'll be going back to the countryside Sunday afternoon this week end, 1pm til 4pm' ish  If you need a ride we'll be picking up people across from the Post office in front of Campanio at 1pm. Please let me know if you are coming as we will be sharing rides. Don't forget to bring your camera , hat, snacks ,water etc. There are no stores where we'll be painting. A view finder and sketch book for your initial thumbnail sketch is helpful.Bring all your equipment but pare it down for plein air. Keep it simple. I have a couple of folding stools for anyone who needs one.
We had a great group on Monday and found some wonderful" cornstooks" - like a haystack only using corn stalks......  Fun morning! I will post some pictures soon from last Monday. Donna

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Schedule for studio classes Nov /Dec 2012

Painting by American artist Charles Hawthorne oil.
 Hi  this is an update on the class schedule with a couple of changes due to the workshop in Guayabitos I will be teaching  at the end of November right after Thanksgiving.
Next week Monday  Nov 12th  plein air - meet at 9:10 am on Correo near Campanio for share ride to San Miguel Viejo area.
Nov 14th Wed. watercolors -10 am til 1pm as usual
Nov 16th. Friday oils /acrylics - 10  til 1pm   as usual
 Following week:  Nov 19th  Monday watercolors or oils or acrylics  10 til 1pm
                            Nov 20th Tuesday   wc.s or oils or acrylics 10 am til 1pm  You have your choice of days  either or both if you wish.

Okay I'm away after that until
Dec 12th- Wed- watercolors  1pm to 4pm switching to afternoon classes during the winter.
  Dec 14th-  Friday oils/acrylics  1 pm to 4 pm
More classes and info when I get back. Watch my blog for new schedule in December.
Feel free to join me at the beach , love to have ya' all. Donna

2012 Nov 12th Mon. am Plein air in the counytrside

What a change a little sunshine will make, all the colors are livelier then on the last cloudy morning, when Les, Tom and I painted. In cloudy conditions all the color changes are more subtle. We'll try this one again under sunny conditions.

Lots of activity on the Rio on last Tues am. Many Egrets ( Garzas). This  Monday morning we will be meeting to go back to the campo.  We'll meet on Correo near the Post office in front of Cumpanio Restaurant 9:10 am for pick up, otherwise if driving your own vehicle meet at the Bodega Aurerra (foot of Calzada de la Estacion)  parking lot at 9:20 am . Bring warm clothes as you never know what the weather will be like. Camera,  hat , snack , & water are essentials. Some would say cafe an essential too!  Travel light with your equipment. Don't bring every tube of paint you own. A small sketch book for doing some thumbnails, compositional sketches is handy. View finder too. A few brushes and a small panel for your on location impression. See you soon. Let me know if you are coming and whether you are driving or need a ride. Thanks Donna

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Plein Air postponed til Tues morning Nov 6th

Looks too wet and damp after all that steady rain for our plein air today. Not looking good. Temperature will be cooler too.
We'll try for tomorrow morning same time, same meet up location.  Too bad! 
I will be in the gallery today most of the day if you wish to come by to paint. Hasta manana everyone. Donna

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plein air Monday Nov 5th /12 El Campo

Curious calves while Tom checks out the scene.Yesterday  near the presa.

Searching for subject matter ...Les in foreground with Tom ahead.

The  grey conditions are  actually an asset, as the light doesn't change all that much. This was our subject after walking about , subtle color on a grey day. The distant blues very important. Bright electric green band in middle ground relating to greens at the waters edge. A fun day of painting! 
Plein air Monday  Nov 5th 2012  9 :15 am----, this will be weather permitting .....cloudy is okay but about to rain , threatening to rain,  raining it will be cancelled and transferred to Tuesday am at same time. I will be working in the studio Monday if  plein air is cancelled and you may paint Monday if you like. If we go out we will be going out to the country again near San Miguel Viejo for landscape practice. Sharing ride. Meet in front of the gallery at 9:15 am or a wee bit before. If the street is blocked off we'll meet in front of  Cumpanio at 9:15 am on Correo, near the post office. Keep your fingers crossed! Remember to bring a snack, hat ,sunglasses and that will be sure to bring out the sun! Let me know for sure if you're coming. If in doubt , call me about 8:30 am. at 154 4291, Hasta luego Donna