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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From San Miguel Viejo and New Plein Air Map for Monday April 4 2011

Small Plaza in Balcones for plein air April 4th 2011, 9:30 am. Meet on  location. Calle Revueltos off Cuesta de San Jose. Big Jaracanda tree and Bouganvillias can't miss! Coming up from the market at foot of Calle  Homobono, it then  changes to Cuesta de San Jose.Go straight up. About 5 blocks up from the market , there is a shrine at the Montitlan corner and also the Condos Cruz de San Jose, big red building, keep going past that and at the next left -turn onto Revueltos. Go 1 and 1/2  blocks and you will see the small plaza on your left with the beautiful purple tree! It's just coming out in bloom and getting better each day.Bring hats drinking water, snacks and don't forget your camera! Any questions?? send me an e-mail or call my cell 044 415 115 7752  See you there!  Donna Dickson painting in paradise!
Th shadows look good moving across the front of this 17th century church.With statue of  Padre  San Miguel in foreground
Tom Dickson painting in the churchyard as Jim looks on
A tranquil setting , light breeze and inspiring subject matter! Lois, Carmela and Roberta at work.
Heather chose a pastoral scene, fields and farmland against a mountain backdrop! We had a great morning painting and it went by way too fast! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MONDAY Plein Air this coming week

The Ancient Church and beautiful setting beyond.
San Miguel Viejo this coming Monday. We'll be meeting at 10 am. sharp at the Pila Seca Studio and leaving by car soon after for the old church. Bring along sun hat, drinking water, snack, a stool or chair if you like to work sitting (let me know if you don't have one) and of course your painting kit. Notice the day will be Monday from now on. See you soon, Donna.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Photos from Sunday mar 20 2011

A challenging roof top scene. Fitting for the first day of spring, even though it has pretty much been summer here for months! 3 of  the group working in watercolors plus myself this time, with  Les doing oils. Needless to say the paint dried rapidly, even the oils.

Roberta and Les trying to keep in the shade!

A sunny morning from the Terrace ,Yvonne beside me and Lois and Roberta to the right. Les is hidden behind the cuppola.a terrific morning painting followed by Mariu's pizza and salad,on the terrace below. Yumm.... posting soon for next week. i think we'll go over near San Miguel Viejo or the presa. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday Plein Air and Pizza Special! March 20, 2011

A large jacaranda in bloom
From our rooftop we see several Jacarandas blooming.One very big one towards the Monjas. So Sunday we'll meet on the Terrace above the studio at Pila Seca #1 at 9 am . Pila Seca at the corner of Hernandez Macias. We 'll paint the morning and finish up with some of  Mariu's  sabrosa PIZZA. Special price 350 pesos for all! If you've already paid for your next class the 50 pesos more buys your delicious lunch. Please let me know if you're planning to come so I can see how many to plan for. I'll include some pics from the roof  to wet your appetite so to speak!

Another Jacaranda behind the palms!
Don't forget sunhats and various tubes of Magenta  and Violet Paint, We'll have to experiment to get that shade of purple. Just Alizarin red and Ultramarine won't do it! We've noticed the Jacaranda tend to be redder purple in the early light and blue'er violet during the day. saludos Donna
Meet at the Studio, painting  9:00 til 12pm ,then lunch !

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Plein Air From Plaza Civica March 13 2011

Painting plein air; Lois ,doing watercolors in the foreground and Tom being watched closely,perhaps a little to closely!  Bob to the right also doing watercolors today.
A colorful Mexican lady passing through with flowers
Can you pick out Richard doing watercolors in this scene?
Here's a closer look.
Balloons people kids and vendors makes for a wonderful mix!

POZOS too Photos from in TOWN

At lunch, Hotel Posada de Las Minas a restored residence in Pozos
In town a view of the main church in Pozos
Off to our new site to paint in town
This was the setting of our second Painting. An unfinished Church shell provided shady coolness at mid-day. It was a really fun day trip and we hope to do another plein air trip soon. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Saludos  Donna

From Pozos - the Abandoned Mines March 2nd Plein air

Long Morning Shadows in the field when we first set up.
The caretaker and herdsmen on the property. Cactus and mesquite in the dry season.

An old mine shaft hidden in the grass near here, was very deep . We counted 7 seconds after a stone was dropped!
Abandoned structure, Pozos.
Mine Managers former residence
Working hard at the mornings scene are from foreground.; Jecka, Karen ,Elaine,Tom Dickson and Tom L.
Helen found shade, and others along the stone wall. After painting we headed for town.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Photos from Sundays Cruz del Pueblo plein air

Roberta and Lois are doing watercolors, while Donna is working on her demo from Cruz del Pueblo
The vista from Cruz del Pueblo, middle ground lit up, foreground still in shadow
From higher up the view is great, at every level it is interesting We had a wonderful session with Bob, Elaine,Roberta ,Lois and Tom my famoso artist husband. We'll post our paintings from this site next week.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunday Plein Air 9:00 am Mar. 13 2011

Plein Air Site In  front of Nuestra Senora de Salud Church  9:00 am
We are meeting at  the Plaza Civica this Sunday morning 9:00 am near the Church with the clam shell front. Nuestra Senora de Salud. We will check out spots from there. A possibility will be painting around the corner from there in front of the Market. But we will see. Haven't had time to post but will update with pictures from Pozos  and Cruz Del Pueblo.Hope to see you there. Donna