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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September Storms

2013 Sept storms over San Miguel
Stormy eve with just a peek of sun towards the north of San Miguel
Needless to say with the weather being always in a storm or between storms we haven't had much plein air activity lately. Maybe by next week it will clear up. Classes continue in the  studio Wed., Thurs., and Friday mornings. All of the vendors of tourist stuff have vacated downstairs so we are waiting to see who moves in. Meanwhile they are doing extensive renovations. But we are still open for business upstairs even though it looks like the building has been abandoned. take care hope you have great painting weather where ever you are today.

Monday, September 9, 2013

2013 September classes and Patzcuaro trip

 A Hat seller in Patzcuaro He was hanging out in the street called Once (11) patios - lots of Textiles, Pottery, Copper, Jewelry just a ton of crafts being made in this area. it's so interesting to see and paint. We had mostly crummy weather but we did do 2 paintings while there. All the buildings are white with red trim and lower part of walls. And signs must have the first letter of each word Red and the rest in black letters
We made it out to Janitzio Is. and wandered about. We - Mary, Tom and I had a great meal in one of the island restaurants overlooking more islands on Lake Patzcuaro. The Purepecha natives have beautiful hand embroidered clothing they wear. We had just decided on our painting subject when it started pouring buckets. We had a pretty soggy ride back on the ferry.
Here's an example of a typical store, red and white with tile roof tops. This one is selling the best refrescos in town apparently!

In a rare moment of sun this vendor looked good with his orange umbrella. As you can see from the sky it was a short moment of light and shadow.
A scene from Janitzio Island just before it started raining. Lovely scenery for painting. Classes continue this week as before on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10 til 1 pm. Sorry you weren't able to join us in Patzcuaro but we will probably do another trip there.

Tom painting on our first day in Patzcuaro. Just love those tile roofs. Happy September painting everyone.