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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Re: From San Miguel the last of this years paintings Dec. 30th 2010

Afternoon on Codo 9 "x 12" oil .  What fun when I discovered Lucia painting me in her scene from further back!
Here I've captured Lucia on film talking with my students.
Lucia working on the watercolor of me on Codo
'Morning on Relox' oil /canvas  20" x 24"  
As promised a week or so ago . I'll include some of the pictures and paintings from plein air on Codo. It's been busy around here and lots of arrivals from the great white north. Unfortunately a nasty cold is making it's rounds too. I've just caught the "bug" so had to cancel my full class of oil painting this morning! I've been taking Bee propolis and Vit C and assorted old fashioned remedies so hopefully by next week I should be 'Buzzing' around  again and  in the pink! I've had a little time over Christmas to finish up some paintings I've been working on, and have them ready to post. I was especially pleased to finish up a larger one done on Relox. Next week back to some watercolors as they've been selling well lately from Galeria Izamal.  I'll also post a picture of one of Tom's new paintings from near San Juan de Dios Market along with our sketches from there.
Happy New Year, Feliz Ano Nuevo for 2011!  Thanks for viewing my work. saludos Donna

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunny pre- Christmas week in San Miguel

It's been a very busy week here. This week- end Friday Dec 17th began with an Art walk for the Mesones area. We were represented at Galeria Izamal on Mesones,all decorated for Christmas,where Henry's known for his artwork but more importantly for  his famous cream cheese and chutney  at opening parties!  Lots of good food and drink and of course great Art!
The next night, Sat. the 18th we kicked off the Pila Seca /Zacateros " Puertas Abiertas "Christmas walk. With the studio gallery on Pila Seca #1 we had a very lively fiesta in our courtyard , shared with 7th Heaven a clothing and jewelry boutique and 2 new cafe's. A young group of musicians kept everything hopping. Lots of good eats and a roving Santa  and naughty elves! We raffled off one our new art prints, and every one wanted to win. The winner was Elenita Duelo and she can't wait to pick out her print.
Needless to say painting has taken a bit of a back seat while we've been preparing for all, but next week we should be back to work.
Tomorrow's watercolor class in the morning 9:30 til 12:30 will be fun and then we'll take a break for Christmas. No oil class on Thursday.
All classes are on for next week. I'll try to post some photos soon. Donna

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another week in sunny San Miguel

Last week we painted on a very short street called Codo (''elbow'' in English). While Martha Stewart was visiting San Miguel taking pictures of our glorious town,we were out painting the color and light! Much more challenging. Luckily for us, the street was blocked off to traffic as the workman were working on the flagstones digging them up once again. Sounds of the streets; chip chip chip! While we were painting, another artist from Massachusetts joined us with her watercolors. Much to my amazement I found myself depicted in her painting! She has a very delicate touch with watercolors Lucia de Leiris.I'll post a couple of pics later.A great afternoon painting ,lots of warm colors and late afternoon sun. Next Tues. afternoon we'll paint from the shady side of the Bellas Artes and see what we can do there.

For the festive season Galeria Izamal, the gallery we are a part of is organizing a Christmas Art Walk  in the Mesones are, Friday night  Dec 17th 5 til 8pm. Lots of goodies, refreshments ,good cheer and of course wonderful art work on display! Hope you can make it.
Photos coming, Thanks for visiting my site. Donna

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Couple of Wide Angle Shots of my new Studio

Tom took these two photos of the new studio this afternoon with his super Canon wide-angle camera. He should have been down here this morning when the class was on to add a little human interest but it does give a hint as to  how this old Colonial era room looks in reality. The walls are over 2 feet thick and 350 years old! - as is the boveda ceiling and cupula above. It's like stepping way back in time.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Painting in the studio and Plein Air Dec. 2010

Our newest member , a bright and attentive one called 'Charlie', was eager to join the fun! She had heard that oils and acrylics were easier then watercolors so she thought she would try it out!
Some students prefer the studio setting. Pat ,Yvonne, Maureen and Beth are involved in watercolors this morning.
Eileen and John found some shade to paint from , near the Market working in oils én plein air.The kids and folks in the area were intrigued with our painting.A couple of young girls tried out their English shyly and told me their names.New students to outdoor painting usually feel a bit uneasy about being in the public eye. But here in Mexico there are always warm smiles, and positive comments from the viewers.They really seem to appreciate that you like their town o neighborhood enough to want to paint it. Que bonita! Donna 

Donnas New Plein Air Paintings Dec 6th 2010

Colors of Mexico 9''x 12''oil  off the Jardin in  San Miguel

Near the Market San Juan de Dios, 9"x 12"oil  Sold

These new paintings done in the last 2 weeks are taking advantage of the glorious, last of fall warm sunny days. Today it's just a bit cooler and not reaching the mid 70's and 80's of the last month. In this one near the market I kept the areas fairly simple going for the biggest shapes, but felt the people were necessary for this subject . It looked a bit   forlorn and deserted without them. It was a quiet time of day during siesta so has that lazy afternoon look.
In ''Colors of Mexico," it was a bright colorful morning and we worked from the relative comfort of the park benches in front of this scene.The trick was catching the shadows and that particular color of the shadows on yellow. Sort of greenish but warm yellow gray! It has to have a certain amount of intensity to work.  saludos Donna