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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2014 Sept. Class schedule changes

Afternoon Guanatjuato" 12 x 16 " oil  this one was inspired by our plein air workshop last February when we painted in Guanajuato. A fun day for all. I completed this in the studio. ..... So I  will be away in Vancouver for "quince dias" 2 weeks so.... Classes will resume Plein air on the  Sept 9th at 9:15 location in centro. TBA. Sept 10th watercolors in the studio ....Sept 11th and 12th  oils and acrylics in the studio all studio classes  10 am to 1 pm Stay tuned for pictures and hopefully paintings from Vancouver! Here's some more paintings completed lately.

Morning on Cuesta de Loreto 11 x 14" I love the colorful streets in my neighborhood.
Afternoon Light with Cactus. 11 x 14" watercolor  This a great street to paint from, steep and cobblestones. Lots of character. Let me know if you'll be coming to the next session of classes. And Adios to those I will not see when I get back. Donna

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Plein air results from Tues. Aug 12 2014

"CRUZ DEL PUEBLO VISTA" oil 10 x10" This was a challenging scene. The light kept altering with cloud and sun. A time when you have to really hold on to your first impression and not chase the light. This a great little street all stairs, very steep and the residents are pretty spry. The older lady walking thru' my painting lives above this scene an goes back and forth to town every day.
Alice painting this morning in watercolors
Linda doing watercolors, the new benches are a hit with students.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

2014 August plein air Tues August 12th 9:15 am

Hi all,  we'll be meeting on Calle Cruz del Pueblo this week at 9:15 am. The street that is all stairs no traffic! Cruz del Pueblo begins above Salida a Queretero, just above Garita. So walking up from centro you could come up Correo or San Francisco turn right onto Salida a Quert. and go along til you see Garita below you on your right and to your left going up stairs is Cruz del Pueblo. If you taxi up the driver can let you out there as we will be painting at the lower end closest to salida. If you're driving you can take the next street up the Salida that you can turn left, which is Cuesta de Loreto. Very narrow opening by the little chapel of Loreto. Very steep too. You go up only about a half block and turn left onto Cabello, this will take you to the top of Cruz del Pueblo and there is parking along there. You can then walk down as we will meet in the lower end of Cruz.
This is in the lower section with just one set of steps from here down to Salida a Queretero
Flowers on the Cruz . Lots of nice landscaping and new benches
Weather permitting it should be fun.
Here' a great view and can be done sitting if you like. I prefer to stand so that you can get back from your picture. 

This is on the upper end of Cruz del Pueblo a great view as well. As we have painted from this area many times we are choosing to paint from lower down. Not to say you can't get some great photos to take away with you.  Go easy on coffee consumption as near by washroom options are not too plentiful. Recreo and Hospicio at the Cafe de Casa is the closest, which is a steep downhill about 2 blocks  from where we will be. Don't forget a sun hat and your paints and equipment and camera.  You will need your camera for reference photos for finishing you painting. Usually the light has changed so much by the time you finish painting it is good to a have a reference for the light and shade of the early morning.The weather is supposed to be nice. If not we'll go next week. See you Tuesday.

Friday, August 1, 2014

2014 plein air MONDAY Aug. 4th, 9:15am Calle Suspiros

Last night's sunset from our roof top!
 A sunset to inspire the muse! The last of July. next week plein air will be Monday morning instead of Tues. We're meeting on Aug. 4th  at 9:15 am on Suspiros, just off Tenerias.
Here's a taxi coming along on Suspiros

On Tenerias just around the corner from Suspiros looking towards Juarez Park, so we have 2 choices tomorrow morning. The only problem with the Tenerias location is the best view is from the sunny side.
This was nice with the woman sweeping. We will probably get people walking thru' here that will
look good too.