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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plein Air Monday morning June 27th 2011 Near the Jardin

View of the Parrochia from the Gallery

Hi all, this week we'll continue haunting the Jardin for more interesting scenes. We'll meet at the studio at just before 9 am and proceed from there The weather has been unstable lately ,so if we get rain we'll paint in the interior patio upstairs..I should have cafe brewing ,bring your favorite thermal cup. See you soon. Donna

Some recent Watercolors , from the Streets of San Miguel June 2011

El Burro 11 x 15" w.c.  I found this guy hanging out in the shade after hauling "tierra' around all day from door to door. Usually you find  2 or 3 or more together, but this one was alone and enjoying the shade.What is a BURRO?? actually the Spanish term for a small donkey or ass......not to be confused with the "Mule" which is the cross between a male donkey and female horse! Now if I can just remember that for next time!
Calle Tecolote 'owl street' watercolor 10" x 12"- a great winding cobblestone street. I loved the shadows in this one.
From Blancas patio this wonderful scene.watercolor 12 x 14" sold

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Students painting ''en plein air " photos from last Monday 20th June 2011

In the early light of the Jardin. I'll post some results of our work next post.
For some of us this colorful scene beckoned us.this is a bit later after the vendors set up their fruit stands.

Teresa braved the sun to finish up her Jardin picture, And from left to right, Yvonne and Steve doing watercolors, me, Gail and Leslie behind his easel painting in oils.We were mostly in the shade of the clock tower the "relox".

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Plein air on Monday JUNE 20th - the Jardin - Meet at gallery 8:45am

A photo at the start of Monday's class June 13th 2011 Steve got some great pics of us painting I'll ask  him to send me a couple to add here.
Sun and shade in the jardin.There's always something new to paint here, so we'll continue exporing in and around the trees and plaza. We'll meet in the studio and go from there. please come before 9:00 about 8:45 would be best then we can get any early start. I saw a couple of scenes as I passed through the park today that I think will be fun to do. everyone did well on Cuna de Allende last Monday.
A bright sunny corner of the Jardin

Catching up with some new pictures of the gallery/studio June 2011

From the teaching area looking through. It's a very cool space. Both sides have skylights so the natural light is great for showing the hung paintings and wonderful for painting too.It's much better in person but for those of you that aren't here right now you'll get a bit of a glimpse.
From the Gallery side looking toward the teaching space. The opening is looking over the Jardin.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Plein air on Monday June 13 /11 9:00 am and new class Schedule

Tom, Steve and Gary , plein air on Cuadrante above 10 10 pie.
This Monday morning we will meet at the GALLERY at 9 :00 AM  before walking to our location to paint in the JARDIN .Why go elsewhere when there's so much at hand......we'll do the Parrochia. Just kidding! That's a nightmare to paint. No we'll leave that to Tom who does it so well! Better to concentrate on a smaller target.
MONDAY am. 9:00 am- PLEIN AIR We will either meet at the studio or on location it will be announced on my blog each week
TUESDAY am. 9:30 am til 12:30pm-  in studio WATERCOLORS
THURSDAY am. 9:30 til 12:30 pm - in studio  OILS or ACRYLIC 
Tried to post some pictures but the blog demons are not time Donna