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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Painting on Montes de Oca -Nov 2013

"Montes de Oca 12" x 9" Oil from plein air.

I'm finally getting this one posted, but had a lot of fun with it. I'm working on a couple of other things too. This street is exciting to paint as there are so many choices of views. Tom sold his rendition of this scene, through the Daily Paintworks auction recently. I think I will sell this one through the gallery. So if anyone is interested they can contact me directly.
In other news we will be painting outdoors next Tues.  DEC 3rd -3pm  in the afternoon, instead of our usual Monday. morning. We will be going out to the country to an old hacienda just outside of San Miguel .We haven't painted out there for some time and the water level of the presa will make it entirely different then the last time. Anyone wanting to go, we are meeting at the old train station at 3pm. This is because the mornings have been chilly and foggy until the sun is well up. Let me know if you're going and we can car pool to the site. Hopefully we'll have a good sunny afternoon. You have to sum up the scene fairly quickly as the shadows will be changing getting longer and probably better. happy painting!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

At Auction this week, Nopal Cactus at Dawn

"Nopales at Dawn" oil on panel 8"x 8"
This painting is currently on auction on the Daily Paintworks site. If you'd like to bid in this auction click  here

and ... This week our plein air Monday group will be meeting in the Jardin at 9:15. We'll be meeting approximately near the bandstand. Be sure to look around tho' when you get there and see where everyone is gathering. Bring your camera , sketchbooks, view finders and all. This is weather permitting of course. If it looks really overcast and  dull we probably won't be painting. If you have any questions email me :
 here's a photo from on location last Monday-  calle Montes de Oca.
The street was pretty interesting in itself, but then a man with Burros came through with loads of soil and firewood for sale. Never a dull moment! I got some great photos of burros too. So I'll look for you in the Jardin on Monday morning.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Photos from last weeks plein air and new Plein air : Monday on Montes de Oca Nov 18

Here's the subject of last weeks regular plein air class. Monday was a lovely day to be out painting. We had Lorie and Bobbi painting in watercolors and Barbara doing her first plein air in oils. Fun morning. Lots of people to watch coming and going. Lorie, Tom and I chose this area.The vendors are selling hot Tamales.We had to work quickly as they packed up about an hour or so into it. The tamales are sort of light snack or breakfast item so they sell out quickly.
 Look at the great contrast between the orange, red and yellow church against the complementary dazzling blue sky! How could you resist,.. well Barb and Bobbi just had to try it. One thing to keep in mind when painting things like churches is the perspective. The top is getting further away from you- so is diminishing in perspective. Sort of like a rocket ship in shape.
Here's part of our plein air team I haven't signed my plein air yet so I'll add it later to this post.

 Okay this coming Monday we'll be painting on the picturesque street Calle Montes de Oca. This street is so beautiful looking up or looking down over the city. I walk it every day from my house to the gallery and return in the afternoon and have never seen it not look good. Today I was snapping photos walking up ( quite steep) and I encountered a woman coming down doing the same!
So we meet up on Montes de Oca between 9:15 to 9:30 near Garza....Nov.18th
-  translations for street names "Oca" means goose. so roughly Goose Mountain!  "Garza" means Egret.
 See Tom's blog "alotaboutlight" for his take on Mon.'s plein air and view his finished painting.  Donna in San Miguel.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Plein air Monday meet at 9:15am at the gallery

Corner of the Jardin watercolor 12 x 12 in. sold
           This is a quick watercolor sketch from last Mondays plein air. It was a perfect morning for painting. Tomorrow Monday we will be going to the Plaza Civica after meeting at the gallery first. We'll meet at 9:15 am . Make sure you bring your camera, warm clothes in layers as it will warm up as the day progresses. Donna

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Plein air in the jardin, Next Monday Nov. 11 2013

Kathryn & I and Susan with watercolors in the Jardin on Nov 4th /13
At the corner of the Jardin with Kathryn and Susan. It was a  fun morning and a perfect day to be out painting, Next week we'll meet at the gallery at 9: 15  #1 San Francisco,  then  head over together to the Plaza Civica and try our hand there. It's been awhile and always fun to revisit again. Weather permitting of course. I have extra portable stools if anyone needs one. Meantime happy painting folks! Donna hasta pronto

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dia de Muertos Nov 2 2013

Here's some selected photos from the Dia del Muertos activities this week in San Miguel. This altar or ofrenda has 1000 origami  hummingbirds made by the local kids at the Library as a fund raiser. It's very colorful and well done.
This little one was taking it all in while her parents y moi took photos
Another amazing altar. They use rice, beans, seeds and flowers to make these beautiful ofrendas.
Present schedule for art classes  Monday plein air ( 9:30 til 12:30) weather permitting we may be in the jardin this Monday.
Wednesday in the studio Watercolors 10 til 1pm
Thurs & Friday in the studio acrylics  and oils
This the basic  schedule.   *   note if you can only come on a Wed. for example ,and you work in oils then we can accommodate you in that case.
Have a great week end. Let me know if you'd like to join our plein air group either oils or watercolors Donna

This is beautiful. They are are set up all over the city. Private homes and street corners and stores.