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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Art Classes new schedule and Day 1 Tom's Demo for workshop

"La Entrada Posada Carmina"  watercolor - I've always loved this entrance way to a hotel on Cuna de Allende in San of my favorites and the first time I've painted it.

Some changes to the summer art classes, we have now added Thurs. to the schedule.
Monday plein air location announced weekly meet on location at 9:30 am
Wednesday  - in the studio WATERCOLORS  - 10 til 1pm
Thursday - in the studio   OILS or ACRYLICS - 10 til  1pm
Friday  -in the studio    OILS or ACRYLICS   -  10 til 1pm
Happy painting.
Tom and I have been leading a plein air workshop this week and due to all the rain we've mostly been in the studio. Tomorrow we plan to be out on location. here's a few pics from Tom's demo.

Tom's demo 1st day with Dan and Mary
Dan and Mary watching intently
Here's the demo start . Painted on a mid grey acrylic ground. He started by filling in the light  shapes with white. The darks were then painted thinly into the mid grey areas, very effectively creating the 3 dimensional aspect of this piece.With this established value pattern you could then start concentrating on the color.
Walkway  Janitzio Is. Patzcuaro - here is the demo in color. It's almost finished. There are a couple figures in the center to be developed a little more. You can really see from the intial start how faithful the color is to the original values of the  under painting. This was a great demo to watch and everyone learned so much.
And HERE is the finished painting below. WOW!
"JANITIZIO VENDOR"  9 x 12" oil on panel