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Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 Tues. April 1st plein air 9:30 am San Francisco Church

"Mitsume's Cardinal" here's an example from a new watercolor painter Mitsume in the studio this week. She did so well I thought everyone would enjoy it too.. Next week the number of students coming to classes will be greatly diminished as there will be a grand exodus of snowbirds heading north. Some of those heading north may find a few Cardinals in the snow! Meanwhile , we'll be heading out for our regular weekly plein air session. This week we will meet on  April 1st at the little jardin in front of the San Francisco Church. Corner of San Francisco and Calle Juarez at 9:30 am. See you soon Donna 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 March 25 plein air Cruz del Pueblo TUESDAY !

Cruz del Pueblo just above Salida a Queretero...take the stairs going up or arriving by taxi you can get a ride to the top of Cruz.- Via Cuesta de Loreto make a left turn as soon as you start up the hill onto Calle Cabello. You can write it down for the driver Cruz del Pueblo arriba. We'll meet at 9:30 Don't forget a sun hat it may be hot....cameras, water, snack etc.
Note plein air Tuesdays from now on. 
See you there Donna

Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 March 17th plein air Monday RE-SCHEDULED for TUESDAY -TOMORROW 9:30

Plein air on St Patricks Day...also the children's parade Primavera! and Birthday of Benito Juarez!
Here's a Jacaranda in bloom last year in Guadalupe.
We're meeting down by the Ignacio Ramirez Market at 9:30 am- we'll be along that street which is just beside the Plaza Civica (Allende on the horse plaza) or at the bottom of Calle Homobono. This is just around the corner from the Market. There are a few options here, but there is a lovely purple Jacaranda tree in this area to paint. This is the Jacaranda season so we're on the lookout for more good sites too. I'd be happy to hear any suggestions if you spot any. Remember sun hat, camera, view finders, portable stool if you need it, etc. Any questions send me an e mail.  See you Monday.
 Please let me know to expect you.
 6:30 am-  Edit Looking cloudy this morning we'll have to see if it will lift. D 

****** New Announcement  plein air will be changing to  Tuesday Plein Air starting NEXT weekMarch 24th same time 9:30 to 12:30

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 March 10 Mon plein air on calle Garza

This is the Corner of Garza and Montes de Oca -one of the choices from Calle Garza. The other end has possibilities too at the Huertas corner. Lots to do along here. Or if you want, you could paint looking up or down Montes de Oca. Great area.We painted here during last weeks workshop. We'll meet on Garza at 9:30 am. Bring your gear, snacks, hat, camera, view finder etc.* Note there are no washrooms really close by, unless the Cuatro Milpas is open at the bottom of Montes de Oca. The closest Cafe is is Hospicio and Recreo. See you Monday. :)  Donna
*Gallery hours 11 to 4 Wed.  thru Saturday .
* new*  Thurs. class now in the morning 10 to 1 pm in the studio.

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. (Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

2014 Feb plein Air workshop San Miguel Group Photo.

Day 3 Looking up Montes de Oca. It's actually steeper than it looks! Especially perched on the side of the street trying to deal with the perspective!
Day # 3 on Montes de Oca a very steep street looking down towards the Parroquia in the center of town. Where's the horizon! The starting point of each painting challenge.
Tom and Elena and Sandy in the Plaza
Lots of saturated color here! Gto.
Painting in Plaza Reforma Gto. hard to keep up with the changing light!

Early morning painting at San Juan de Dios church SMA
Joel checking out a cool calle off the Plaza Reforma in Guanajuatoday 
Day # 3 Montes de Oca

2014 Group workshop photo - Here's our lovely group painting on the last day of the workshop at the San Juan de Dios Churchyard.  Back Row, L. to R. Tom L. Elena, Donna , Suzi, Heather, Patty Jacky and Tom. Front Row Netta, Mimi, Yvonne, Sandy and Joel.A terrific group and we accomplished a  lot together. We discussed saturated color and the use of black  the first morning. Perspective and proportion in the afternoon .We had the week to put all that theory to practice. It all went far too quickly. As I write this, there are many from the workshop heading back to parts of Canada and the US.  The weather was beautiful all week even a little warmer than usual, in the mid 8o's F.  every day (or high 20's C.) Thanks everybody for a great week!