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Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 March 17th plein air Monday RE-SCHEDULED for TUESDAY -TOMORROW 9:30

Plein air on St Patricks Day...also the children's parade Primavera! and Birthday of Benito Juarez!
Here's a Jacaranda in bloom last year in Guadalupe.
We're meeting down by the Ignacio Ramirez Market at 9:30 am- we'll be along that street which is just beside the Plaza Civica (Allende on the horse plaza) or at the bottom of Calle Homobono. This is just around the corner from the Market. There are a few options here, but there is a lovely purple Jacaranda tree in this area to paint. This is the Jacaranda season so we're on the lookout for more good sites too. I'd be happy to hear any suggestions if you spot any. Remember sun hat, camera, view finders, portable stool if you need it, etc. Any questions send me an e mail.  See you Monday.
 Please let me know to expect you.
 6:30 am-  Edit Looking cloudy this morning we'll have to see if it will lift. D 

****** New Announcement  plein air will be changing to  Tuesday Plein Air starting NEXT weekMarch 24th same time 9:30 to 12:30

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