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Monday, December 6, 2010

Donnas New Plein Air Paintings Dec 6th 2010

Colors of Mexico 9''x 12''oil  off the Jardin in  San Miguel

Near the Market San Juan de Dios, 9"x 12"oil  Sold

These new paintings done in the last 2 weeks are taking advantage of the glorious, last of fall warm sunny days. Today it's just a bit cooler and not reaching the mid 70's and 80's of the last month. In this one near the market I kept the areas fairly simple going for the biggest shapes, but felt the people were necessary for this subject . It looked a bit   forlorn and deserted without them. It was a quiet time of day during siesta so has that lazy afternoon look.
In ''Colors of Mexico," it was a bright colorful morning and we worked from the relative comfort of the park benches in front of this scene.The trick was catching the shadows and that particular color of the shadows on yellow. Sort of greenish but warm yellow gray! It has to have a certain amount of intensity to work.  saludos Donna


  1. I really like the direction you have taken with these two. Great!

  2. Thanks Robin I'm really enjoying it too! Donna