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Saturday, November 17, 2012

An artisan friend Renato Pacheco in San Miguel

Okay one of Renatos jokes a fireplace insert! Renato is an artist and artisan living in San Miguel.  When we first met Renato back in 1987, he was a plein air artist in San Miguel and we used to paint together in centro. We were the only ones around painting on the streets at that time. That winter a guy down the street from us "Tony Cohan"  was writing his classic book "On Mexican Time"! He really captured the flavor and feel of Mexico. A must read!

And here's mi amigo Renato with the whole candelabra he had hidden in the fireplace. One of many jokes he likes to play. You can put candles in the circular discs at the top of the arms. He's a great artisan and can custom make you anything from wooden decorated boxes, chests ,tables, wooden screens, decorative painting on your walls etc. His popular work is found in many shops in San Miguel. We will be painting back at San Miguel Viejo Sun. afternoon at 1pm. Meeting across the street from the Post office in front of Cumpanio Restaurant and Bakery! Hard to pass up those scones while you're waiting Verdad?   

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