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Monday, May 2, 2011

Time Off and A trip to the Sierra Gordas!

Bernal and the Monolith in the background. this the view as you are leaving Bernal and climbing up into the mountains

A town near Jalpa in the Sierra Gordas     We'll be off for a few days visiting the fascinating Sierra Gordas and Huasteca region to the east of San Miguel. As you climb the mountains beyond Bernal the landscape keeps changing from dry sierras to pines and more tropical the further you go east.We saw a lot of rain the last time we went , it poured steadily in Xilitla , so hope to get a drier view this time.The place we had planned to move to in centro has fallen through so we're going to take a bit of a break and see some new scenery and get refreshed. Next week on the 11th of May - WED. 9:30 til 12:30pm.WATERCOLORS and  Pen and Ink; -Thursday oils/acrylics as usual.9:30 til 12:30pm. No Tuesday class. Adios amigos Donna Next week Watercolors changed from Tues to Wed on the 11th of May  9:30 til 12:30pm.

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