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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Art classes; new hours in the afternoon and new paintings Nov. 19 2011

For the cool months I've switched the watercolor classes and the oils to the afternoon. So for the next couple of months it will be- Tues. and Thurs. 1:30 to 4:30pm in studio.
Here's Carolyn out in the countryside 2 weeks ago.A beautiful panorama in front of her.
The studio is much warmer in the afternoon and so more comfortable for painting!
Plein air has been in the afternoon for awhile now.  We still meet at the Gallery at 2:15 pm to go out on location from there.
This week Nov 21st, we will revisit the site of 2 weeks ago near San Miguel Viejo  and paint 'the old hacienda' this time. They usually have laundry hung up to dry on Mondays......should be quite colorful. I don't know how old the hacienda is but looks to be quite old and still a working ranch.

'Evening Rio Laja' oil on panel  8 x 10"    By the time we finished painting last time, evening had fallen . A perfect ending to a perfect afternoon of plein air painting. No wonder it's so popular!

'Sunlit Interior' oil on panel  8" x 10" Instead of going out on location last Monday we painted in the courtyard at the gallery, watching the changing patterns of light and shade which the transparent rooftop created.A challenge to keep to the original shapes of the darks and lights that you saw to begin with.That's where the value of a black and white thumbnail sketch comes in handy. Donna

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