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Saturday, June 30, 2012

San Miguel Allende Plein air Mon. Jul.9 2012

Ud.esta aqui! You are here, and this is Ginger and a little amiga. She was so cute. From Last Monday's painting just off the jardin.
 Repeating last Mondays location as it was cancelled do to the rain.See you down near the market on Homobono! 9:00 am 
 Wow July already??? Tomorrow Sunday, Mexico goes to the polls to elect a new Presidente de la Republica and here in San Miguel also a new Mayor (who is also called presidente de la municipio )! Hopefully we'll get some good guys or gals!
 Okay hope we have a good morning to paint on Monday at 9:00 am  So far our luck has held. With this being the "rainy" season we'll have to see. (Hard to call this rainy, coming from the west coast but we'll pretend) So weather permitting we'll be hanging out at the foot of  Cuesta de San Jose , which becomes Homobono towards the Ignacio Ramirez Market. Near the tortilleria  that blows hot tortillia exhaust at you when you walk by about head level! I have a similar situation walking to the gallery some mornings on my street . Just up the block someone has vented their clothes dryer to the street again at face level, I always forget and get blasted! Why do you need a dryer in this climate when it takes 5 min for your clothes to dry on a line  and even inside it might take an hour or so??Don't ask!   I digress lets get painting!  See you there. Donna

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