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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mon. Julio 23 2012 San Miguel plein air

This is calle Huertas with just a bit of El Mantial showing on the left of the paper banners. Our plein air will be just up this alley to the next intersection. At Garza.
Hi to all you eager plein air painters. Our new location for Monday's plein air will be very near last  week's .This time near the corner of Huertas and Calle Garza. If you're coming  up from Barranca , Huertas goes up just beside the Bar El Mantial and a short block up, runs into Garza. Calle Garza also comes down from Salida a Quertero if you're on foot and runs into Huertas.I think it's one way up if you're driving. Right at that corner  are several possible scenes. Weather permitting we'll meet there at 9 am. Hope to see you soon. Sunhat (hoping for sun) , camera, snacks, and all.
PS a bit of  trivia Garza means Egret! There's a rock musician in town called David Garza! Hmmm  David Egret !  I guess there's already Donald Duck.   happy painting! Donna

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