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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Re Student exhibition and plein air Jan. 28 2013

Well the Student exhibition was a huge success and we're drawing up plans to do this again next year! Estimates are we had something like 200 people come thru' the gallery last night! We certainly consumed the wine and goodies! What a great way to celebrate what's happening in the studio.Everyone was duly impressed with our show and a few of us even sold the odd one!! I'll try to get photos from various students who were taking pics last night.
Cool dudes form the Plaza Civica! Look at those sombreros.
One of the great things about painting plein air is the opportunities for taking other photos while you're painting. Keeping your camera close at hand and one eye keeping a look out for potential shots. These guys looked great sitting in the sun in the plaza.
This week we will again meet in front of the Parrochia Church to check out a scene. Last week we ended up in the patio area indoors at the gallery which actually was a very pleasant place to paint and the results were very good from Pam, Bill and Yvonne. The weather and the military bands drove us out of the main jardin.
We'll try again on Monday JAN 28 12:30 to 3:30pm. Weather permitting.
Don't forget your camera and hat , you never know if the scene you want will necessitate some sun exposure. I have folding stools in the gallery if anyone needs one. the February workshop is coming nearer and we're looking forward to that.

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