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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Plein air Mon. Mar 4th 9:30 Oratorio Church

Regular classes begin on Monday the 4th with plein air in front of the Oratorio Church at 9:30 am. Hope it warms up a bit, better dress in layers it's chilly at first. Bring cameras, view finders, hats, and your art materials. Keep it light, you don't need to take your whole studio with you outdoors!
See you there.     Donna
In the studio -Tues 1 to 4 wcs. - Wed. 10 to 1pm wcs. -Thurs & Fri. 10 to 1 pm oils & acrylics.

We had a terrific plein air workshop this week - with a great group of painters and almost perfect weather until the last. Very cool and windy the last couple of days but we found some back up locations to paint with interior views and finished up strong. I'll post some of the wonderful photos of us painting.

back row: Tom Lips,  Leslie Roundstream,  Gail Pendell,  Kathryn Boll,  Mary Li,  Lucie Michel,  Gary Heger,  Donna Dickson,  Tom Dickson,  Eadie Richards,  Ian Carter
     front sitting: Cynthia G. Smith,  Carol O'toole,  Elena Sacal

Our first morning out in front of the famous Parroquia. Tom and I gave a talk about the three variables of color and it must have had some positive effect because our student hues, values and saturations were pretty accurate over the rest of the week!

All intent on their work on Day 1 near the Allende museum.

In the Jardin in the afternoon Gail has more then enough help from her little Mexican friends. they love watching us paint.

Kathryn in front with Carol and Lucie in the area of the inner courtyard, by the gallery. It was a great back up spot for us when the weather took a bad turn.

Up at Cruz del Pueblo we get aerial views of the city . Tom L. and Mary tackled this challenging scene and did very well

 Here's Gary above them doing any interesting old casa with light and shade.

On another level lower, we have Kathryn, Ian working in watercolors with a view of a very artistic doorway.  Carol has another view in acrylics.

Elena always found a little niche to accommodate her. She did a wonderful lyrical scene with the churches of San Miguel dancing across her aerial view!

Eadie found her spot and a wonderful doorway to paint.

Lucie found her stride and did several impressionistic vignettes here in acrylics.

Gretchen and Cynthia found a quiet spot and great yellow house with flowers across from them to paint in watercolors.  Gretchen could only join us for a couple of days this time before heading back to the beach at San Pancho.

Gail tackled the larger aerial view as well in watercolors from her quiet perch.
Donna and Gretchen conferring on colors

At San Miguel Viejo, Les intent on painting. He really got into the distant landscape of misty mountains and harvested fields. He managed to paint 2 wonderful scenes here that morning. Everyone arose to great challenges this week and seemed to enjoy the emphasis on color. Congratulations are in order for everyone. You did very well.

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