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Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 January 6th plein air Cruz del Pueblo 2 pm

From near the top of Cruz del Pueblo 
The location for this weeks plein air Calle Cruz del Pueblo Tues at 2. Jan 6th.
Weather permitting. Hoping for sunshine of course. You can enter Cruz del Pueblo street which is all steps from Salida a Queretero at the bottom of the steps. Calle Garita is right below Salida a Queretero and Cruz del Pueblo starts above the Salida.
If you want to taxi to the top of Cruz then ask the driver to take you to Calle Cabello and let you off at Cruz del Pueblo  or say "arriba de Cruz del Pueblo por favor". Anyway when we all arrive at 2pm we will pick out a spot along the steps , simple or complex whichever you like. there are good examples of both to choose from.  ......E mail me if you are coming. Donna

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  1. What a colorful setup! Can't wait to see the art that is produced in such an idyllic spot!