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Monday, November 1, 2010

Celebrating 'The Day of the Dead ' in San Miguel, Mexico, Nov. 1st 2010

People viewing the altars
In front of the Parrochia and the Clock tower

One of the Altars
Late Afternoon Sun
A big celebration this week end, for the ' Day of the Dead '. Many Foreigners and Mexican visitors. Colorfully decorated altars honoring loved ones. At Galeria Izamal where we are presently showcasing some of our paintings ,we had a well attended opening Friday night with the gallery decorated with  bright orange marigolds , and colored cut out papers in the Day of the Dead theme.
Despite the title it is a very festive and happy family celebration.
I just passed by the Jardin where there are altar displays completely surrounding the park.I got some nice photos which I  will add to this post.
The new studio is looking good with a new brass lantern hanging from the high boveda ceiling. For cloudy days (which we've seen very few of ) we'll have light!

NOV. 2nd Tuesday , In the studio,we'll focus on loosening up our watercolors. I'll be demonstrating some wet on wet techniques.

Nov.3rd  NO PLEIN AIR ,class.
   are planning on an out of town, painting session for next Wed. Nov.10th. 2010I
We will leave early as it is about 1 hours drive from San Miguel.( North East) at a place near San Luis de la Paz. If we want to catch the morning light we'll have to get there early.We will take snacks and plan to have a noon lunch at a wonderful look off view, a restaurant called El Salto. We will be painting very near by.If  there is enough interest we could do an afternoon painting as well. The valley opens up below you and it's is almost like being in the air.Let me know if you would like to join us for this adventure. Incidently they have paragliding from this location so you could really be in the air! More about this shortly. meeting place ,exact location ,time and carpooling etc. Should be fun!

THURSDAY NOV 4th ..In the studio; we will continue with oils and how to get the effects of light and shade, really filling our paintings with light.
Adios from festive San Miguel, Donna

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