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Monday, November 15, 2010

Plein air oils in San Miguel November 15th 2010

                     Bajando El Chorro 9 x 12 in. oil                               

Lately we've had great sunny weather and it's been fun to get some on the spot sketching in.                                                             This I sketched in pencil while waiting for my group to arrive. The actual oil was done in the studio with reference photos as a class project It was tricky to get the depth and distance, but by graying and cooling the background I finally got it to fall back.El Chorro is the area of San Miguel that was settled first, and leads down into Juarez Park.The El Chorro is now a cultural center for the arts. 
Botanas in front of San Juan De Dios Church 9 x 12 in. Oil

Now this one was truly a challenge to paint! As luck would have it, about 15 minutes into the painting 2 of the 3 carts pulled away!! Groan! Luckily my students and I had done a thumbnail sketch first.It reminds me of our painting on the east coast of Canada, in Nova Scotia. Tom and I would be painting boats in a harbour and happily into the painting when the fisherman would arrive and leave in their boats!Subject matter gone!There was no way to predict which ones would leave. Some of the fisherman actually felt sorry for us!. There are 3 schools in this area where morning and noon hundreds of kids and parents pour through the San Juan de Dios church yard. Thus the many vendors and their colorful carts full of snacks!(Botanas)

                                                          '' Distant View" 9 x 12 in. oil                                                  
    This was  done a couple of weeks ago, from my roof top terrace. I did it in watercolor first, but wanted to try it in oils too.See Plein air Oct 27th,for watercolor view.  In this one I zoomed in on a small area of the vista, looking towards neighbouring Colonia San Antonio. The colorful patterns of the houses and the church in the morning light is what attracted me to this scene. Some of my students did well with this one too. I'll try to post some of their work as well.
    Thanks for now, Adios Donna

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