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Friday, July 29, 2011

Plein Air from Relox photos July 23 2011

This is the  colorful corner we were painting . The sun and shadow were a bit weak just as I took this picture. The values were actually stronger then this. The location of the gallery is upstairs in this yellow building the other side of this upper window, facing the Jardin or plaza. If you're not in San Miguel right now you might like to try this scene at home.
The doll sellers in their colorful dresses and skirts like to hang out in this area.
I'm calling this the challenge of painting outdoors.Or what can go wrong! We just got started when this bus parked in front of us!! Luckily they moved after  some suggestions from Liz.
A perfect afternoon painting on Calle Relox . Liz and I among the throngs. "We" were definitely the entertainment on the street today  We had crowds around us at times. Funny though when you're involved in you're painting one barely notices. saludos Donna

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